Domcon LA 2018
May 9 @ 1:00 pm – May 12 @ 2:00 pm

DomCon… The Vision and The Reality
DomCon, now in it’s 15th year, is The World’s Premier Professional and Lifestyle Domination Convention. The convention is the result of Mistress Cyan’s dedication over the years to bring a better understanding of BDSM in The Adult Alternative Lifestyle and to bring together those in the BDSM, Leather, Fetish and Professional Communities to share our common interests, celebrate our diversity and promote awareness through education with Demonstrations, Seminars, and Panel Discussions.
Whether you’re new to BDSM or a seasoned player, DomCon has a place for everyone. The premier convention for Domination, submission, and fetish has two locations twice a year. No matter where you live, DomCon is an accessible expo of knowledge and exploration. To find out more about what to expect from your visit or our next convention, please see our details above or our news.

What to Expect

At DomCon you can expect to make new friends and meet some community celebrities. Professional and lifestyle players present valuable information about safety, play techniques, and philosophies of scenes in our exclusive workshops and classes. After a day of learning, networking, and shopping enjoy the parties and socials to meet even more people and show off your new skills. Expect to be entertained by the stage show performances that are designed to dazzle and intrigue, changing and broadening your ideas of BDSM. Whether you are high protocol, a casual player, lifestyle, or professional there are socials and classes tailored to you.

Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops change every year, depending on venue and presenter attendance. These range from Q&A panels, philosophical lectures, esoteric demonstrations, tutorial and instructions, and pupil-based participation courses.

Pageants and Awards

Each DomCon location features championship events where participants compete to win prizes and titles. Crossdressing, pet shows, pony shows, leather community competitions, and more details are available in our Features category depending on venue location.

Parties and Socials

While our parties are designed to bring everyone thirsty to play into the dungeon ambiance, our socials are tailored to specific interests and demographics where like minds can come together to network. Socials give attendees the opportunity to meet and reconnect with each other while our parties may give them the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Come join the world’s Top Dominatrices, Bondage & Fetish Models, Webmasters, Fetish Photographers, Performing Artists, Educators, Leatherfolk and Lifestyle People at DomCon LA

Los Angeles enjoys moderate weather thanks to the influence of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding mountains. Summer temperatures vary with lows of 67 and highs 0f 85 degrees, and winter temperatures averaging a low of 48 and highs of 68 degrees (Fahrenheit.).

The weather chart below May features temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit.

Average High 78
Average Low 57

Jul 6 @ 1:00 pm – Jul 9 @ 2:50 pm


TES Fest is the premiere BDSM/Leather/Fetish/Sex Positive event for kinksters of all levels to socialize, learn new skills, and have a great time! With classes and special events covering a variety of topics, TES Fest is the place for exploration, education, and entertainment in a healthy and safe environment.
TES Fest will take place July 6th through July 9rd, 2018 at our favorite hotel in Piscataway, New Jersey!


Lots of Kinky Learning

With local, national, and international presenters, TES Fest features a host of classes, demos, and hands-on workshops on a wide variety of kinky skills and interests.

Tons of Kinky Fun

In addition to classes, special events like Meet & Greets, kinky speed dating, needle blow darts, jello wrestling, and more will be happening throughout the long weekend.

For play, we feature custom steel dungeon equipment and rigs, and a 24/7 outdoor dungeon! There are also fetish and BDSM vendors, selling everything from corsets and knives, to violet wand kits and whips!

Kinky Community

TES Fest takes over an entire hotel, inside and out, in Piscataway, New Jersey, so people can come together to learn, connect, and grow with kinksters from all over the NYC Metro area, the country, and the world!

TES, and TES Fest, is committed to being a reliable and valuable BDSM community resource, a welcoming social environment, and a definitive educational outlet for those seeking to freely express their consensual sexuality.