Unlike the other classes I have taught, this Blade Play class will highlight different types of bladed instruments such as knives, swords, hatchets, axes, etc… for those that already have knife play experience. We will also cover:

• Different types of knives, their specific use, and how to use them: In this portion we examine different types of knives, their properties, and how they should be applied.

• Choosing what blade is best for you and your sub: We will examine the relationship between the unholy trilogy (the Dom, the blade, and the sub) and how each fits into a scene. Also, we will show other items that can be used in place of knives that will give you the same effect (pervertables).

• Blade technique and control: This portion covers finding a knife’s dynamic focal or balance point, points on the body that cause the best sensation, different styles of blade play, and explaining the differences between cutting and blood letting. This portion will also provide different tips and tricks to improve control over your blade and your sub during a knife scene.

Demo: We will do a number of blade play scenes in order to demonstrate these techniques first hand.

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