Fire Play is the erotic use of fire for the sole purpose of sexual arousal. Fire play  is one of the most extreme of sexual encounters two people can experience. The look and the feel of fire play is unmistakable.

Because this form of fire play has the potential to be dangerous you should not try this with out receiving training from a professional.

Basic Fire Safety: Preparing private or public fire play scenes, checking tools, fuel storage and transportation, safety equipment and measures, treating burns.

Preparing your partner: Easing fears, outlining safety protocols, negotiating safe words, phrases and gestures, cultivating the head space.

Technique: Types of torches brushes and their differences, review of basic torching methods and basic cupping, tips and tricks

Advanced Techniques

Fire Painting Techniques: How to perform half body trails and full torso transfers

Advanced Fire Cupping: Demonstration of horning, using cups as tie points and leads

Torching Techniques: Safely combining rope bondage and fire play, safely increasing the heat and intensity of the flame

(All tools supplied)

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