The Erotic Art Of Black Tie Bondage & Fire is a class that revolves around blending the powerful element of fire with the grounding elements of Rope Bondage.

For those of you that have never engaged in these forms of intimate activities; Fire Play is the erotic use of fire for the sole purpose of sexual arousal. Fire play is one of the most extreme forms of fore play a couple can engage. The look and the feel of fire play is unmistakable.


While rope bondage is a tight comfortable feeling that helps your partner not only slip in to a passive and yielding role but helps them feel secure in the moment.

Combing the fire and earth elements creates an erotic and heated exchange that can only be found in the heart of the flame.

This Class Will Cover

Basic Fire Safety: Preparing private or public fire play scenes, checking tools, fuel storage and transportation, safety equipment and measures, treating burns.

Types Of Rope: What types of rope hold up best under heat, How to treat your rope, prepping your rope for fire play.

Preparing the Sub: Easing fears, outlining safety protocols, negotiating safe words, phrases and gestures, cultivating the head space.

Basic Black Tie Bondage: We will walk students through basic Black Tie Bondage Techniques.

Technique: Types of torches, brushes, and their differences, review of basic torching methods and basic cupping, tips and tricks

Advanced Fire Cupping: Demonstration of horning, using cups as tie points and leads

Torching Techniques: Safely combining rope bondage and fire play, safely increasing the heat and intensity of the flame

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