This insight will be a hands on tutorial in “Advanced Flogging” and will cater to those that have more than basic flogging skills. This class will stress the art using dual flogger’s both sensually and sadistically. So if you are looking to advance your knowledge and ability in the art of flogging then this is the class for you.

Different types of floggers, their specific use and how to use them: in this portion we examine different types of floggers and their material properties and (The affect of the material on the skin) how they should be applied. We will examine everything from light rope floggers to the heavier floggers like rubber, buffalo etc... (For this portion we would like people to bring in their own floggers.) Choosing what flogger is best for you and your sub: Also we will show other items that can be used in place of flogger that will give you the same if not similar affect.

Flogger technique and control: Here we cover the different styles of flogging like doubles, backhands, wide swings, transitions crossovers, stripping and the results that they produce. We will also examine the differences between pro, performance and private flogging. This portion will also provide different tips and tricks to improve accuracy and ways to overcome issues like carpel tunnel, fatigue, and depth perception issues. We will provide live demonstrations and audience participation welcome.

Refining technique; those that participate in this demo will have the opportunity to be critiqued and if time permits one on one instruction.
Demo: we will do a number of flogging scenes in order to demonstrate first hand flogging technique.


The goal of this course is to work with people that have more than a basic grasp of the basics of flogging so that they are able to enhance their natural ability. Novices are welcome and because this class will have lots of demonstrations we would real like to have a strong showing from subs that wish to participate.

I would like to have people bring 1 or 2 of their floggers with them so that I can talk about their specific type of flogger and its properties.

I would also request that if you would would like to be a part of the demonstrations, please bring a sub with you in order to receive hands on instruction from Orpheus Black you would need to let him know at least an hour before the class.

Audience participation welcomed.

If a Dom would like to bring their sub so that hey can receive some lite one on one instruction please e-mail Orpheus Black at so that he will know how many people he will need to accommodate.